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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 5/One step ahead...two steps behind

Today we woke up and I decided my hair was getting on my nerves.  I quickly called a local hair salon and planned on being there as soon as I I had never gone to before but I figured "hey, it can always grow back!"  (It turned out well by the way.)  Hubby decided he was getting back on his road ride 50 miles!!  Needless to say, I was done way ahead of him so I was going to get all of our laundry done....and after a few trips to the laundromat (in our campground) I was feeling good like I was getting something done.  I also decided to "dump" our toilet ...(in a camper you have to fill it with water and then let it run out a couple of times to totally clear it)....I only had time to do it once in between laundry visits so on my last stop home I turned the water on.  Forgetting about the water filling the toilet....I ran to see if my hubby exhausted from his ride wanted a lift home from the entrance of the campground until our campsite.  We returned and sat down.....when my hubby says "why do I hear water running"....I scream OH MY GOD!!....the water was running all over the trailer.  I spent the next two hours using the wet-vac and clorox cleaning everything.  I try, try, try to get ahead and see what happens.....ugh...what a mess!  Anyway, we managed to get it all taken care of and then realized it was late and we needed dinner.  For a quick dinner, we had a Marie Collander's Southwestern Style Chipotle...excellent dinner when you need something fast!  This dish & corn chips....were delish!!  I would recommend it!  Looking forward to a better tomorrow.  :-)

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