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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Green Thumb Interrupted

I have no green thumb by any stretch of the imagination but this year I thought I would attempt to grow tomato, pepper and cucumber plants down the shore.  I was so proud of myself because usually my green turns brown and poof they are dead but this time my plants were thriving.  Until.....we came down and noticed much to our amazement....something is eating my plants...even the ones in the pots.  Our suspicion is that the deer are coming in from the woods and eating plan is to catch them in the act this week.  So far...I haven't caught them.  Here is what they did:

 Cucumber before......................and cucumber after. 

 Tomato before........................and tomato after. 

You get the picture.  I am in search of the plant thief this week.  One thing that is least someone appreciates what little green thumb I have. 


  1. I would suspect rabbits. That's what my husband blames everything something decides to die (or get half-eaten)!

    Good luck - and I'd say you have a way more green thumb than I~

  2. Hi, saw you stopped by the kampground! We have the same problem with rabitts and deer. Try spreading human hairaround your plants and plant a few marigold flowers....... they don't like the scent. I have also heard that if you have a zoo nearby to ask for some lion droppings and that smell will scare them off, too.