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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Beef Jerky

Anyone who has ever had boys, or even men in their house, knows that with them comes beef jerky. It's like a necessity, a staple, and a main food group. LOL. Needless to say my "men" love having it. Of course, my youngest has a tendency to leave a package laying here or there just as he always does. I woke up the other morning to discover the package was torn apart to pieces......poochie found it laying around and decided to devour it. Funny how those packages always come with that little white silicone pack that says "do not eat"....I've always wondered why you would put something like that in with food but anyway....the dog ripped apart the whole package and low and behold he did not eat the silicone gel. Either it did not smell good enough to eat or our dog is just smarter than we give him credit for. We're chalking it up to the latter and maybe he can even read. :-)

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