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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Precious moments...precious times..

Last weekend I celebrated 28 years of marriage.  A gift.  A true and honest devotion to each other.  I have never felt so lucky in my life.  I look around me and realize that we are a rare breed.  In my moments of happiness....I was so happy to be spending the weekend with my hubby celebrating that I forgot to buy a I had to create my own...and say to hell with is what I came up with:

Since that day in 1984,

I have never wanted to walk out that door,

Through good times and bad,

Through happy times and sad,

You are my life,

All my best days have been as your wife,

Kids, pets, aging parents, and stress,

Convertibles, boating days, camping ways, and good drinks none-the-less,

We've made this life together which is as thick as glue

If I had the opportunity to change's something I would never do,

Your always on my mind, your always in my heart,

And it has always been that way from the very start,

Happy Anniversary to my honey, my sweetheart, my dear,

I Love You Always and Forever and without any fear.