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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day...


We spent this weekend down at our trailer doing things with both of our sons. Yesterday we spent the day in Atlantic City strolling the boards and doing some shopping. That evening we went out to dinner at my son's choice (because his birthday is tomorrow) and we had a good time. Last night my husband was transferring all of our home videos onto a hard drive so we don't lose them and we both spent 2 hours watching footage of my oldest son at age 1. I found this quite fitting considering it is Father's Day today. Doing this took me back to my own childhood and remembering my Dad and how what he did as a Dad formed me to be who I am I see some of these same qualities in my own husband and I am thankful that he has shaped our children (16 and 19) into who they are today. The job along the way was not easy and I think we both provided a nice balance with each other. As I watch them enter into adulthood I am very proud to say they are mine. They will make mistakes along the way themselves but my hope for them is that they have the pleasure of being a Dad (like when they are in their late 20's!) so they too can feel the pride we have always felt for them. I tell them all the time "wait until your a parent and you will understand"...they laugh when I say it but some words will come back to them and we will all laugh about it together. I thank my honey for all he has done for the kids....I could not ask for better.

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  1. I have heard it said that we often marry men just like our fathers. I think that is true in many ways. Your husband sounds like a sweetie...!