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Saturday, February 26, 2011

For my Mom....

The lady had a heart of gold,
Even as she grew old,
She lived her life with dignity and grace,
Always with a smile on her face,
Her life with Dad made her proud,
When she was at a party...she drew a crowd,
Her laughter filled a room like none other,
She had extreme pride about her life as a Mother,
She spoke of all six children with a heart filled with love,
And her role as a Grandmother fit her like a glove,
Always telling a good story about her experiences in life,
Whether it was her role as a NJ Bell worker, a Mother or Wife,
Her motto was to laugh every day,
She lived her life to the end just that way,
Smiling, laughing and sharing her smarts,
You may be gone from our lives but not from our hearts.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Others should learn from her.....

My Mom has recently been hospitalized and at the age of 88 (soon to be 89) as she is battling with congestive heart problems.  The outlook the Doctor has given us is bleak which makes us all very sad.  The mere thought losing such a wonderful woman who can lighten up a party just by entering the room is heart breaking to all of us.  As my Mom lays in her hospital bed and is sleepy most of the time and not feeling well...I watch as they wake her to take vitals....she smiles and says hello and always talks sweetly to everyone.  Always, always pleasant.  I think to myself.....she is pretty much confined to her bed.....sleepy all the time.....doesn't eat that much.....but always has a smile for everyone.  That just amazes me.  My Mother has always had a great sense of humor and for almost every visit she always manages to say something to us to make us laugh.  I see now just how my Mom touches all the lives of those she comes in contact with and has done this for her entire life.  People who are bitter, disgruntled, angry all the time and just plain mean should learn from her....she is the shining example of how you need to live life and make the best of even the worst situations.  She amazes me. <3

Sunday, February 6, 2011

How rude!

Anyone who has ever watched the show Full House remembers when one of the little girls used to say "how rude"!  Well....I wanted to say that today.  We were out shopping for groceries at BJ's and when we were done we got in line....the line next to us opened up and we hopped in it.  We saw this couple who just had a few items and we told them to go in front of us.  So they went in front of us but never...never...never even said thanks...or gave us a head nod....nothing.  Why...why are people so rude that they cannot even acknowledge with a common courtesy.  I would not be so upset if I did not believe that this is becoming the norm and not the exception.  I seem to see this more and more and it bothers me!  We need to get back to the days of Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, are you, Please, Thank You, Nice day today, ....etc., you get the picture.  Don't you agree?