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Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 3 of Vacation

I figured out today that I need to make the plans or say what we are doing today because if I don't.....I think my men will be nothing but couch potatoes all day long.  LOL!  Today it was hot as hell when we got up so I declared it was a beach day.  We are only 12 minutes from the beach.  We headed over there...all of us thinking in reality it was going to be so hot we would not be able to stand it....but as it turned out when I got out of the car there was a really nice cool ocean breeze blowing and it was wonderful.  I was glad.  I did not want hubby or son miserable and grumpy just because I absolutely love and adore the beach and I was dragging them in God awful heat.  Waves were perfect and tide was low so there was this great low tide allowing you to pick up shells and wade in small amounts of water.  Years ago we went to the beach with the kids and they gathered 300 son decided today that we would break that record....and we did...307!!!  It was a fun afternoon and we all had a good time.  I will have to start thinking about the "plan" for tomorrow.......I feel like the Activities Director.  All-in-all ....a sweet day and for some reason....even though I did not "swim" I am exhausted now.

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