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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Not what we planned ......

Our plan for today was breakfast, Best Buy, PetSmart and Flea Market then out to Chinese Buffet for dinner then a movie. We made it to breakfast, Best Buy and PetSmart. We got to the flea market when my honey decided that he did not like where our van was parked...he found a better spot. My son and I preceded looking to see what good buys or deals we could find. I love flea markets cause I am always looking for the "deal" of the century. Have I ever found that, but I know it's out there. Anyway, my hubby was taking longer than usual and I thought he was just being too particular about where to park...he tends to do that from time-to-time.

Finally, I spot him....calling him over.....oh no, he has a look on his face I recognize...a look that says...there's a problem. He tells me that our brake line on our van just broke....we are about 50 miles from home and about 7 miles from the trailer. We decided to try & call a car rental. Enterprise & Budget are not open on Saturdays...oh great. We then decided to call the local Dodge dealer to see if we could have it towed there.....Dodge dealer not open on Saturdays. Finally we got a plan together and that plan involved having my sister (who lives about 10 miles from the flea market) come and pick me and my son up and my husband would go with the AAA driver back to our home garage. Thank God we have AAAPlus and they will tow up to 100 miles!!! So he went with the van.

Me and my son went with my sister who was taking us back to the trailer to spend the remainder of the afternoon until hubby returned with a working car. We get to the trailer to discover I do not have a key. Key is with hubby who is already in tow truck heading towards home. So, we camped at my sister's for a few hours and watched the World Cup and my oldest son picked up my hubby at the garage and got him home to pick up our car. Definitely not what we planned today but really not all that bad because we had options open to us. Thank you big sister for living close to where we spend time playing & when we were in trouble you bailed us out. That is what Big Sisters are for, isn't it?

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