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Thursday, June 17, 2010

I am the Negotiator....

Shit's been happening lately and I don't like shit. I am not a person who likes drama, confrontation or's not my nature so when those things come into play in my life it makes me feel unsettled and probably because I like everything smooth....flowing like water.....easy pieces. When things are not smooth I feel so unsettled like there are constant butterflies in my stomach along with a big knot......wish it would make me not eat...then maybe I would lose weight!!! No such luck there! I know it can't always be smooth sailing but I am happy that right now my shit has settled down and things have been smoothed over. I sometimes feel like Kevin Spacey in the movie Negotiator.......working both sides. Maybe someday if there is ever a "situation" they can call me in....after all, I have the skills and experience and I could probably talk somebody down!

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