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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Growing pains...

Recently we have been talking about vacation and what should we do. As's time we always look forward to. My son, who is home from college now, was trying to let his summer employer know what days he needed we were talking he informed me that he was taking his "week" with his friends at a house on the beach. For a moment....I felt a pang in my heart and it sank...I realized that he is growing and moving past the fun little family vacations we used to take together......For a moment...I felt just like I did back in August when he left...eww it hurt.....For a moment.....I felt sad........Then I got past it and realized I still have another younger son to take with us and possibly a friend. And recently my husband and I have had a couple of great weekends together alone and while we were alone I did realize that eventually when both kids are gone I will be OK.....we will be OK. But for now as my kids move into their own adult lives I must admit.....the growing pains hurt. :-(

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