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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pet Peeves....

Here are just a few of my pet peeves......

1.  Unanswered emails.  This drives me crazy.  I am not looking for a whole story or a book....I am just looking for a quick answer and maybe one that says "hey, I am real busy right now but....".  I just don't get how people can ignore these things and not answer.  I find it amazingly rude.

1a.  I numbered this 1a because it is the same but different.  It is unanswered texts.  Read 1 above.

2.  Timeliness.  Lateness drives me crazy.  If the start time for the event or wherever your heading is 10...the by gosh by golly be there by 9:50 or 9:55!  I have a real issue with being late.  I hate it.  It bothers me.  My parents must of ground it in my head that it is never a good idea to be late.

3.  This is kind of an odd one but it happens a lot.  People who sniff instead of using a tissue and blowing their nose.  I cannot stand this.  Just take a tissue and blow that crap out of your nose.  No one wants to hear you go "sniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiif".

OK, that is all I have for now.  My ranting about a few things...... let me tell you there's more to come............but it will have to be another day.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Paint it.....paint it.... (click here to hear the song)

Busy day today....ripped my whole bedroom apart and have painted it.  No, we did not paint it black....although that Rolling Stones song keeps ripping through my head as I use the roller up and down and side to side....and my back is screaming now!!  When we originally picked out this paint it had a beautiful olive glow to it...not dark olive..nice light green olive look to it.  After we started painting at 6 in the evening (long time prepping)....we were looking at the paint as though this could not possibly be the one we picked out.  It was in fact, the right one but once looked more like army green.  I told my hubby our new alarm is going to be the trumpets blowing the revelry to get up!!  Now that the room is completely covered because we decided we were gonna like it and there was no turning back....I like it.  Either that....or it is just growing on me.  I promised my hubby once completely painted I would buy us a very nice bed spread and curtains that will make our room look wonderful and no army would even want to be in there.  :-)  New bed gets delivered tomorrow along with my new living room furniture...I am very excited! 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

So as I began this Easter morning I was feeling bit low about my recent mourning (not having my Mom).  I came to realize that instead of feeling sad or bad...I would honor her.  In Easter days of Mom would always make Kielbasi and Saurkraut for Easter....I decided to continue this time honor tradition.  Believe it or not...for some silly actually made me feel better.  Can I explain why?  NO.  I cannot.  It just did.  I just took the time to enjoy a beer....a beer in her honor....which is exactly what she would have done if she were here.  Her memory is with me everyday but on this special holiday it made me feel better to do something she always loved.  Mom...I miss you have tough shoes to fill but I will certainly try!  Happy Easter to all!

Saturday, April 16, 2011



The calendar says Spring is here,
The weather it is showing no fear,
Longing for warm sunny days down the shore,
The cold, the rain it can be such a bore,
The flowers are blooming despite a chilly start,
I want to know and to feel in my heart,
The warmth of the sun and the heat on my face,
The sun, the sand, my most favorite place,
Longing for real spring and summer days,
Waiting, waiting, and wanting those rays,
It will renew my spirit and lift my mood,
Spring is the beginning of a new attitude.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Will Secretaries Eventually Be Extinct?

I work as a legal secretary and often wonder if we will become extinct especially as the younger generation keeps moving into the work force.  The reason I say that is because all the younger lawyers and probably younger workers in general...all do their own computer work.  They type themselves, they email, etc.  Oh there are a few things they do not do and still need the help of an Assistant but I wonder as time goes on if that will change.  I work for a dinosaur and by that I mean a man who still has me get people on the phone for him, he still does dictation, I take care of personal items for him and he has me type everything.  I like my job...I love being that busy and being asked to do all these things.

What do you you think secretaries will become extinct like the dinosaurs?