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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 1 of Vacation...

Today we decided it was a "decompress" plans, just chilling, napping, relaxing....basically doing nothing and we were enjoying it. If you remember about a week or so ago I told you our oldest son was vacationing by himself at a shore house with friends. He was on the road today. We were just starting to wonder if he had arrived safely so I texted him. The phone rings and it is him. He is in a bit of a panic.....his friend's tire blew out and they did not have a spare...what should he do. I handed him over to my hubby, fixer of the problems, and my son is nervous and panicked so he is not being very husband is nervous and panicked because he is worried are they in a safe location....they get a little testy on the phone with each other. Why do they get testy with each other? Because while my oldest may look like me, he acts like his father. The youngest looks like my hubby but he acts like me. And we all know how two personalities are when they are, don't we? Funny. I find it very very funny. Anyway, all in all it was not a bad day. My son arrived at his destination safely...thank you AAA and we had a nice dinner tonight....shrimp appetizers, mojitos, grilled chicken, corn...,mmmmmmmm.

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