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Sunday, May 30, 2010

In the middle of the night...

Came down to the campground this weekend looking for some serious r-n-r. Needed to get away and leave the troubles at home and rest....really really relax rest and enjoy the weekend. Friday we spent at home to celebrate my son's 19th Birthday. We all went to dinner and had a nice time. Came down here Saturday afternoon and had a real nice dinner. Cocktails first of course with appetizer then followed by lamb chops .....mmm everything was scrumptious. Nice camp fire afterwards to relax next to and the evening was exactly what I needed. My hubby (for the first time in a long time) drank a little more than usual and felt the effects that evening but all was well. We drifted off into a sleepy slumber to be awoken by what sounded like 3 gun shots! It scared the bejesus outta me...I was thinking some raving maniac was in the campground and was shooting at all the campers!! Then we heard it 2 more times...both times 3 shots each!! Then it stopped. Well, needless to say...getting back to sleep was not easy. Therefore, we did not get up until almost 10! Walking our dog in the morning we checked with the campground owner and he told us it was fireworks and those people (outside of the campground) have done it before.......ugh...stupid idiots!! And, as a result I have spent this day feeling lazy and tired due to someone's stupidity of setting off fireworks at that hour of the night. I am all for fun and all but past midnight and your just ticking me off!!! Plus your really screwing with my later than midnight ......pleeeeeeeeease!

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