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Monday, May 3, 2010

Cell Phones...

I love my cell phone...I truly do.

What I am about to rant about is the rudeness that others display with their phones. Your on the elevator...get off the phone...others do not want to hear your conversation. Your at work..turn the phone on silent...we all don't want to hear your music ring playing....and the more it plays the more people are aware of just how many personal calls you are getting at work! Your at the restaurant ....unless your child is sick or your house is on you really need to take that call and have everyone hear your conversation....go outside to take your call..please! Your in the store checkout lane and have the phone plastered to your ear...empty your cart and get off the damn phone!

Maybe I lead a life that just does not have that much drama that I do not need to be on the phone so much~let's hope the trend continues. I will take the boring & mundane rather than having a cell phone ringing off the hook with drama, drama, drama......there's enough shit that gets dealt out throughout life and sometimes I feel like I just do not want to always be so reachable. I want to be reachable when I say so.....on my call....when I feel like it.....when I want you I will reach you and until then........

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