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Monday, May 17, 2010


Had the pleasure of attending a wedding this weekend. I love weddings and I love everything about them. I love the way that the couples choose to have their ceremony, their vows and the place in which they choose to do so. I love the dresses...everyone always looks beautiful. I also love the guys all dressed up in the tux...they look so handsome. When you look in the face of the bride and groom it cannot help but make you think of your own wedding day and all those feelings you had at that time too. The emotions.....oh sooo many emotions......happiness, joy, mixed with bouts of crying...not sadness just emotional crying. It makes you feel very nostalgic....thinking back to my own wedding day and all those that were there then that are no longer with us now. It makes you think....the things that happen in your future as a couple are what shape you for how you are today and with each passing event you become a stronger couple because of it. If you started out knowing all of this at the onset you would not have the experience of growing together. Growing together is the glue which holds the relationship together along with lots and lots of love and lots and lots of laughs. I suppose I enjoy the wedding so much because I have such a solid relationship with my husband. We love each other a lot and we laugh, we do things together and basically enjoy most of the same things. I am blessed.....and I suppose this is what the wedding does for me...reminds me once again of how blessed I truly am. :-)

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