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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Giving back.....

Today was a day of service. Service to our parents. I spent today running errands for my the bank, to the drug store, getting her lunch, take out trash, dishes, little tidy here ...little tidy there simultaneously my hubby spent the day installing a pond for his parents. Not a very relaxing day but certainly fulfilling from the sense that we are giving back to those who spent so much time giving to us. Giving.....caring.....sharing...... I hope and pray that one day when I am old......yes, when I am old...I am not old yet......that my kids take care of us as well as we have our own parents.


  1. Oh they will. You've raised them right, they're two sweethearts.
    But this is one of the things that kind of scares me if I never have kids (the way it is shaping up to be): who is going to take care of me like hat when I'm old and gray?

  2. I hope your right. :-) As for you....I think Ashley or Caitlin would help you. See...there's hope.