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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Reservations Please!

On our way taking my son back to college we decided to have a nice dinner at PF Chang’s. In route my hubby suggested I call and make a reservation. I called and asked if I could make a reservation for 4 and they told me “we do not take reservations, you have to come in and put your name in”. So, still determined that this was where we were eating…we headed to the restaurant. We “put our name in” and were informed it would be an hour & a half!! While we sat waiting we decided to take a little walk outside when directly next door was On the Border. So, OK…we jumped from Chinese to Mexican…but hey, we are all flexible and all hungry!! We went over and we were immediately seated and had a great Mexican dinner. So, thanks PF Chang’s for making us wait & not accepting our phone reservation!!!

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