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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bumper Cars

Went out for the first gelati of the season….picked out my all time fav which is root beer ice with vanilla ice cream and while it is chilly outside the flavors blended together always make me feel good on the inside. As I was reveling in the flavor waiting for my son to get his ice cream I look over to see a Grandpop parking his vehicle and while I was praying he would not “bump” our car, as the older folks seem to do, he spared us and bumped the jeep parked in front of us. No one noticed except for us. And there is something about when the older folks actually do it…they get out and act as if they did nothing. Bump here….bump there….bump everywhere. It’s a no wonder their cars are dented and banged as much as they are.

My favorite “bump” memory is of my own mother (back when she was still driving) and we went shopping together. There were all these carts that were in the way of us pulling into a parking spot when I said “let me get out and move it” and she said “no, I can move it” and she then proceeded to push the cart out of her way with her car bumper!! It makes me laugh every time I think of it.

Take notice…anyone age 70ish or up and the bumper either front or back is guaranteed to be dented. I will not mention how they slam their doors into the cars parked next to them….ha ha….as I will be that age someday and I suppose will be doing some bumping and banging myself! I personally think at around 70 they should all be equipped with rubber cars so they can bounce off each bumper cars!

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