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Monday, April 5, 2010

Errand Day

Today was a "vacation" day or as it should be was an "errand" day. So far we have spent the day paying bills, going to the bank, post office, running the van to have a tire fixed followed by taking the Jag to have it serviced, then to Mom's to install a pump in their pond, I returned a dish to my sister and then we went to the Mall....specifically the Apple Store so hubby could buy a new laptop. I do not call this a vacation day...I call it an errand day and I believe that the employers of America should give all employees 4 errand days..1 for each season...a day where you just need to do stuff and get things done. I personally think this is a fantastic idea...I know the employers would not like it but hey....doesn't it sound better than a vacation day when your really not vacationing at all?

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