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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


When on Facebook there are a lot of different things that happen and certain unspoken rules that need to be followed. Recently a certain person has had a rather great exciting event happen and while it may be tempting to mention it to others not on FB…that would just not be cool. So, while you sit waiting for the elders or others not on FB to mention this event to you….you have a decision to make….do you (a) act surprised like you’re hearing it for the first time or (b) say yeah I saw that on FB. My thoughts are the latter would just totally not be cool especially if the others want to believe they were the first to know. The hard part is you absolutely under no circumstances can deliver the news yourself…it has to come from them especially when it’s family. Now it does depend on which family member mentions it…if it is an elder like a parent, grandparent, etc. then you have to act like your learning it for the first time. But if it’s just a sister or brother…hell, you say yeah I know and then gloat that you knew something they didn’t. LOL! All in good brotherly/sisterly love, of course! FB's a funny thing.

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  1. Mom always spoils my secrets. I haven't told anyone any big news in about a decade. :(