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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Doggie Tantrum

Last night we decided to chill out after a rough week with drinks and dinner......we left and our son decided not to go with us cause he was at a friends. We gave the dog a bone (see how cute he is right there) and said our goodbye to him. We offered him one last "out" before we left and he refused. We thoroughly enjoyed our drinks (cosmo and gin martini) and our dinner (scallops & filet & surf & turf) and we even decided to stay for coffee and dessert which we rarely do. But, we needed the relaxation and this dinner was exactly what the two of us needed after a week of shit pouring down on us. We were happily heading home. We came in the door and our son came home at the same time as us. Then I saw something on the looked brown! Damn...I said that dog must of laid a turd. Well when we turned the light on...he did not just lay one turd...he laid about 3 or 4!!! We then realized he peed too and our son stepped in it. Ewwwwwww we were all hollaring. We then were busy cleaning everything up and then I looked in our bedroom and the dog intentionally knocked over our trash can and took every tissue out (there were ALOT of tissues) and tore them up. This is when we realized this was no accident...this was the dog saying how dare you leave me!!! You left me here and I did not want to be here!! A doggy tantrum.

This morning we woke up early and while I was getting ready I looked over to see "the face" looking at me and watching me get ready. We go to breakfast on Sundays and now as we are preparing he has that look that says go ahead and leave...go ahead and see what you will come home to. I will keep you posted and let you know if that little black ball of terror strikes again. LOL....poochies gotta love those little personalities!!

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