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Thursday, September 30, 2010


My son had the unfortunate experience of losing a friend this summer to suicide.  It was painful and a heart wrenching experience for him.  He was supposed to be his future room mate in college this year.  As a tribute to his friend he is doing a walk this weekend in honor of him and the money he raised will go to a program called Out of the Darkness - a program to help reduce teen suicides.

In today's news there was another suicide at his college.  Unfortunately this child committed suicide because he was being taped while having a sexual encounter with another male (he was gay).  The video was then posted for all to see.

This is so upsetting to me.  In today's society I cannot believe that there is such a mindset toward gays.  It blows my mind.  Plus, by time you get to college....don't you realize that you are now joining such a mix of people that your opening up your world and your horizons....your mind?

The people who videotaped this have really ruined 3 families lives.  Two kids did it and they face 5 years of possible imprisonment.  Now there is also talk of possible manslaughter charges.  The family of the boy who committed suicide will never be the same again.  This is such a tragedy.

People want to blame the internet.  I do not see the internet as a source of the problem.  In my opinion, it is the same as alcohol.  Yes alcohol is bad when you abuse it but if you use it to occasionally have a drink then that is not abuse.  Part of me thinks the real problem is the kids thinking that they can do things like this and there are no consequences and it is funny?  Or is the problem that their parents never taught them to be open minded and accepting of all kinds?

No matter how you slice or dice it -- it is a tragedy -- and my heart aches for the families dealing with this.  


  1. As you've experienced suicide touches so many lives..not just the family. A friend of mine lost her son to suicide last summer to and the ripples have traveled far. She and her family also walked in the Out of the Darkenss walk and were so touched and moved by everyone involved.

    As for the one in the news tonight...I am of the belief that no one,'s.child should ever feel that there is no other choice than to end their life. Gay or not.

    I think we are on the same page...tragic all around....thoughtful post!

  2. My heart also aches for the families who are affected by this :(

    Very tragic.