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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


It has been my son's dream to go over to France for many many years.  He will be studying abroad for 1 semester and that begins in January and ends in May.  Of course as a Mom I have some serious worries about him going but I am truly happy for him and I want him to get as much out of this experience as possible.  I want him to see as much as he can.  He is going to college to be an interpreter and this semester abroad is important as he was told there is nothing better for you to be truly fluent than to immerse yourself in the language.  I fully support his decision to do this and I am very happy for him.

The other day my Mom called me....crying and begging me not to send him to France.  She was watching the news and the recent scares about people who are abroad are totally scaring the hell out of her.  I calmed her down, told her he was not going until January, and told her that we cannot do this.  I was going to be worried enough as it was.  I was not going to kill my son's hopes and dreams just to satisfy my own needs about worrying.  She calmed down and understood.

I understand everything they are saying about being vigilant and we plan on having a serious talk with him about this before he leaves.  We want him to be aware of his surroundings no matter where he or there...anywhere.  I feel like if we were to stop him from going we would be doing exactly what these beasts want us to do....stop living....I cannot do that.

I hope, I pray....I pray....I pray....that I am doing the right thing.


  1. Parenting is hard and poses new problems as our kids grow into youg adults; but we have to trust that we have raised them well and let them go. It is so hard, isn't it?

    In answer to your question, my park is open year round and some of my seasonals will dry camp in the winter. We will be busy through then end of this month. Oktoberfest is a big deal. Then we will be moderately busy with hunters who camp here and have leases to hunt nearby. December will bring a few snowbirds headed south. This will continue into January and then all will be still until spring will bring my campers back.
    Some of my die-hard campers are planning to celebrate the new year here. I have two families living in their campers right now and they will join those that come out and we will host a progressive dinner (weather permitting). I am really looking forward to that!

  2. We can't protect ourselves or our kids from every possibility. We just do our best, try to avoid clearly treacherous situations, and keep on living our lives. I think you're doing the best thing. As a mom, though, it sure is scary, isn't it? All we can do is pray, and trust in God and in how we've raised our kids. What an exciting thing for him, and how bittersweet for you!