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Thursday, September 9, 2010


I needed to go see my Mom the other night so I asked hubby to please take care of dinner.  Figuring he would usually do his usual of picking up the phone and ordering I told him to grab me something and I would eat when I got home.  As I arrived home and got out of my car....the smell of fried foods was overwhelming.  When I walked through the front door the kitchen was in a discombobulated mess.  He found in my freezer shrimp (which had an expired date on them...7/1/10....and he made them).  He says taste them I think they are good.  I way.....I am NOT getting sick from  I then looked and during his cooking he broke my favorite I Love Lucy mug.  He then decided eating them was not a good idea either.  The house was filled with fried foods smell.  Yuk.

I picked up the phone and called our dinner order in.  LOL!  Lesson the dinner order in ahead and tell hubby to pick it up or just have dinner already in the crock pot especially during the work week!!!  LOL!


  1. I hope he at least made up for it with a cocktail for you!

  2. a few years ago my hubs called me at work to see if I needed anything done at home...he was on vacation and was bored. I told him to take something out of the freezer for dinner...pretty easy huh?? when I came home there was a twelve pound turkey sitting on the counter..frozen solid.

  3. No Amanda...not on that particular night. LOL. Jojo...I love it...a 12 pound turkey!!! That is hilarious!!