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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Remembering 9/11

I remember exactly where I was.  I just got my kids off to school and was home.  My house was a mess and I swore I was not turning the TV on and I was not answering any phone calls. phone rings and my girlfriend, Joanne, is on my answering machine saying 'PICK UP THE PHONE...A PLANE JUST HIT THE WORLD TRADE CENTER'.  I soon forgot about the mess my house was in.  I turned on the TV and watched in awe.  I then became worried about my husband in Philadelphia.  I tried calling him but no phone lines were going through.  I hopped on AOL Instant Messenger and got a hold of him.  We were both scared.  We were hearing rumors that they were closing the bridges from Philly to Jersey which would mean he would not be able to get home.  Plus we were scared because he was in a City...and we did not know how far this thing was going at the time.  My girlfriend Marge was at work in New Brunswick and train lines were shutting down in the northeast so she got a hold of me on instant messenger and asked me to get a hold of her husband to let him know where to pick her up.  I drove over to his house and told him since there was no communication via phone.  I then became scared.  Should I leave the kids in school...bring them home.  What do I do?  Ranges of emotions and feelings and all the while watching the events unfold on TV.  I left the kids in school and as soon as they came home I hugged them and told them about what was happening.

Yes, that day forever changed our lives.  I will never forget.  What stands out for me is not just the devastation but the vast amount of people who helped others during a time of crisis.   What good people can do during a time of crisis.  I still get choked up thinking about it.  May God Bless America!  

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  1. That just gave me chills to read! I remember where I was too, it would be hard to forget.