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Monday, September 13, 2010

Pay It Forward

I was in Kohl's shopping and had a ton of stuff for my two boys.  While in line the woman in front of me offered to me her discount coupon.  You are able to use them more than once.  I used it then got back $30 in Kohl's cash and offered it to her but she said no.  I paid it forward and gave it to someone else.  A week ago again I was in Kohl's shopping buying a gift.  The woman in front of me turned and handed me her coupon for my use.  When I finished I looked around for someone...I found a woman with kids and a shopping cart waiting to be filled and handed it to her.

This made me stop and think.  If we all took a moment each day to pay it forward in some small way....imagine how much better we would all feel about ourselves and about people in general.  It felt good for me to receive that from someone but it felt better when I was able to do it for someone else. I guess the old saying is true "it is better to give than receive" and I must say "yes it does".

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  1. Yup, if I get a 30% off coupon I definately share it. Though most of the time when I hand it over the person is all, "The eff? Why are you talking to me?"