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Friday, August 6, 2010

What's happening......

This past month has been extremely busy.  I will give you a recap below.

1)  Joined the Y & started swimming 5 days a week.  Best thing I ever did.  Not only am I losing weight but that horrible migraine I usually get did not happen in the past month.  Plus it is helping me manage the stress.  The Y gets an A+.  :-)

2)  My darling son got into a little bit of trouble down the shore.  He got caught with an open bottle of liquor with a rather large group of kids.  (no driving was involved, Thank God)  Of course he is 19 and all the others were 17 so the 19 year olds got the ticket.  After much hassle and aggravation about that it cost us $253.  The ticket (or my son) get an F for that.  :-(

3)  My computer just got a virus and decided it would not work anymore.  An F+ there.  I did, however, get a new Macbook Pro....that gets an A++.

4)  Went to a wedding for my hubby's was beautiful and everything was creatively done.  Cudos to her...she is a beautiful girl.  She came down the aisle to a Beatles song....awesome, every table was marked by a Beatles album, just so cool and they played some great Beatles music.  It was outside under a tent and the weather turned out perfect for it.  They wrote their own vows which were heartfelt and very touching.  You could tell they are made for each other.  I see a lot of qualities in them that I do in my own marriage and it made me feel good.  A++ for them.

5)  My son's future college roommate committed suicide.  This was horrible.  I was imagining the pain his parents and family must be in and for the past week it just made me cry.  I also was feeling awful for what my own son was going through.  Dealing with a death at his age (19) is not unusual but usually that person is either sick or old and it is somewhat expected.  When your dealing with the death of a peer  it can be very difficult to understand and especially one where someone takes their own life.  He attended the funeral yesterday and I am glad he did.  I think when something like that happens you need closure and grieving time.  He called me after and told me he talked to his parents and it was extremely hard.  I know that attending was difficult for him but he is glad he did it.  (No grade cannot even be measured.)

6)  Finally after extreme business...we are back down the shore.  Regrouping, chilling, relaxing, and destressing.  It is much needed after everything that has recently happened.  This gets an A++.

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