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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lack of Customer Service Again

We decided for lunch today to order some sandwiches from Jersey Mike's.  I called ahead to make it easier.  When I arrived there was 1 person in front of me in the "called & ordered line" the "order after you arrive" lane there were about 5 people.  As I was waiting, patiently I might add, the girl who was ringing everyone up was also the same girl who was taking orders over the phone.  As she is speaking to a customer on the phone she is rolling her eyes in a fashion that was saying she could just not tolerate this customer anymore. Then a couple of times she was like "yeaahhh" in the tone of voice that says "duh" and as she did this she was making faces and looking at all the customers in the store.  I could not believe my eyes that this was such a blatant disregard for respecting your customers.....the reason she has a job.  I was disgusted by it and thought she obviously hates the customers who are the sole reason she has the job.

Today we also ended up at Best Buy, my lest favorite store, and here is why:  You walk in the door and someone is saying "hello" to you.  As you walk through the store someone is constantly saying is there something I can help you with and you have to say "no, I am just looking".  After your selection is made and you are now ready to pay there is one line open and a long line of customers waiting.  This happens all the time there.  I want to tell the guy that tells everyone hello to stop doing that and get off his duff and go wait on customers.  I just did not have the nerve to do it.  It's definitely a problem in that store.  As I was waiting I looked over to the Customer Service Department and the line was like a mile long.  Again I thought ...people are constantly coming over and saying can I help you and the guy says hello & goodbye when you leave but they let the long lines go.  What's the deal?  I really don't need someone to say hello and goodbye to me....I want to get in..make my selection and pay.  Every time I go there I see the same thing occurring.  Why don't they get it?

When are we as consumers going to start revolting against this type of lack-of-customer-service mentality?  I guess I am guilty too because I should not shop there yet I do go back.  I guess what I really need to do and I should have done this in both instances is ask to speak to the Manager of both stores and told them both that they were lacking in their game.  I hate to be somebody that is a complaining.   But I always think to myself..........why do we put up with this?


  1. Write a letter, send an e-mail ......... I would say to call customer service, but only if you have some time to kill. I e-mail complaints all the time. Some get action, some don't. WalMart is the absolute worst. They will take your call and even agree with you, but don't correct the problem. Why do they need a greeter?? "Hi and welcome to WalMart" I already know where I am. Just try to find help on the sales floor.........

    You are right, the only thing to do is to stop shopping there. I am as guilty as you are in that respect.

  2. Omigosh, yes...! My favorite store here in Canada is The Bay (formerly The Hudson's Bay Company). They have now out-priced themselves and lost all their customers. If a merchant doesn't know their customers, they deserve to lose business.

  3. Managers are taught that greeting customers at the door is very important. Unfortunately they sometimes forget that no customer wants to queue all day.