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Friday, August 20, 2010

Running Away.....

I am true believer in that everything that is dished out to you is something you can handle.  But right now...I have had enough already.  When I look back starting in 09 I had my Mom who is 88 become sick with AFib and Bladder infections basically locking her to her house most of  the time, my son graduated high school that year and then left for college (which was a major adjustment for me....I am thankful to say I am used to that now), I injured my back last September and was out of work for three months, my brother was diagnosed with brain tumors, my Mom continued to need more help, between my Mom and my brother there have been a lot of highs and lows, this summer my son came home from college and got a job and then recently getting laid off (which is fine because he is close to going back to college anyway), just prior to that his college roommate committed suicide, and this summer he had two incidences of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and getting in trouble for it.  I am crying Uncle!!!!!

This weekend we are all going down the shore together as a family and I plan on resting, relaxing and enjoying each others company......I am turning off my cell phone and escaping from the rest of the world because this is what I NEED to do!!!!  I am running away..............and escaping reality because I have had more than my fair share of reality recently.  Goodbye, Adios!


  1. I am we are at the the camper just chilling!