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Friday, September 7, 2012

Vacation gone wrong....

After a very grueling summer my husband and I were taking 2 1/2 weeks off.  During that time we were going to wind down..enjoy what remained of the summer and just chill.  We started out spending time on our boat and time down the shore, then we spent a few days getting 2 kids ready for college, 2 different colleges, 2 different locations....needless to say...a lot of work.  Now it was time for us.  Biking, boating, beaching, maybe some kayaking...we were looking forward to it all.  We did get some boating and beaching in...then we got some biking in.  It was a beautiful day...we biked to our favorite breakfast spot...had a nice breakfast overlooking the water, then we headed back to the campground.  As we entered the campground we decided to ride our road bikes back to the trailer.....we were almost there.....then I hit a patch of sand and fell....but when I fell my foot stayed clipped into my pedal and I twisted my leg.  Crack! I heard it.  I knew it was not good.  My husband asked if I was OK...I said NO, I cannot get up.  Other people came around and tried to help me ice, a place to sit..I Thank God for them.  Then my hubby went and got the car and said...where do you want to go?  I said to the ER.  At the ER we discovered I had a fracture...they wrapped it told me to see ortho dr to get casted.  I went to ortho dr next day and they told me I had 3 fractures in 2 bones and surgery was needed.  Before surgery I had to stay completely off it and keep it propped up above my heart to keep swelling down.  I did.  Surgery was yesterday.  Now I have yet another long journey...possibly 3-4 months ahead of me...healing and patience....I will need lots of patience. This vacation has gone bad.  I was supposed to return to work on Monday....all happy & relaxed and gloating about my time off.  That will NOT be happening.  

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  1. I am so sorry, I was just shivering when I was reading the post...I had a feeling that was what was coming. Dang...hope you find the patience you need to heal properly, quickly and comfortably. Will be thinking of you!