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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Empty Nest

Over the past 21 years I always thought about the day we would become empty-nesters.  Well, the day is here and now.  My husband and I found ourselves in the last few years doing quite a bit on our own so we had time to "prepare".   Now, we can run around the house naked...will we?...probably not....there are neighbors.  lol.  We can skip town at a moments notice....will we, probably not...we have jobs!   What probably will happen is this:  I clean a sink full of dishes and straighten the house before work and when I return...the house is still straightened.  :-)  I will now do laundry for 2 instead of 4 and probably can get it done in about 3 loads instead of 10!  :-)   When we buy stuff at the grocery store...we will actually have the opportunity to eat it.  :-)

Everyone says...don't get too used to it...they come back.  LOL.  I am sure they will.   But for least a few days anyway...I will feel a bit sad that my kids have grown so fast and at the same time very proud that I have two boys attending 4 year schools.  My heart is full of pride and joy.  

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