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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Peg Leg 2---healing process....

Well I cannot believe it has been 2 weeks since I fell and already over a week since I have been operated on.  In this time I have managed to get better control over the pain and use less.  I have also learned some tricks to gain some independence.  I had my husband put a bunch of clothes in a bag and leave it on the bottom of my bed....this way in the morning I can pick out my own clothes and dress myself.  I have also mastered the task of wearing a pouch around me and should I need something....I can get it and throw in the pouch.  Only small items and I can only do this really when desperate as my doctor wants me off my feet and foot raised for 23 hours a day!!!'s the small things that at this point that are helping to keep my sanity.  I can now shampoo my own hair (woooo hoooo)....I can't stand to have dirty hair no matter how bad I feel!! I told my hubby that always makes me feel better!!

As we all walk out the door to work each day and do nothing but errands on the weekends..I know at one time everyone has looked at the couch and said..."man, what I wouldn't give to just be able to sit or lay there all day and do nothing"'s not all it's cracked up to be.  I'm trying to make the best of it:  web surfing, renting movies, finding the most hilarious or ridiculous show to give me a chuckle, reading, writing, anything...anything at all to occupy myself.  One big thing that is helping to keep my sanity is that during the week I have my niece come over from 11 to 4.  It's great. When she comes I pounce all over her.....hey, I need this....hey, I need that, can you do this for me..can you do that for me.  Plus, it gives both my husband and I comfort that someone is here with me in case I were to fall and this way I won't attempt to do anything too crazy on crutches!!!!

My healing process is going to be a long one....and keeping my sanity is going to be tough....but I'm a tough cookie and I will get through day at a time.

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  1. I remember tv watching, playing cards, using the phone and internet, but most of the time I spent napping...just no better way to pass the time I guess. Glad you have some company during the day I'm sure it makes all the difference in the world!