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Monday, September 10, 2012

Peg Leg

My time right now is to be spent off the my feet...only up to use bathroom.  My life is so dependent on others.  In the morning I get up and have to wait for my husband to prepare my spot on the couch...propped with pillows for my back and pillows for my foot.  After he does that then he gets me something to eat.  Today he packed a little cooler for me to hold me over until "help" arrives at 11 am.  I need someone to get me drinks, lunch, dinner, etc.  To "bathe" I am only allowed to sponge bathe and have to do it while laying down.  I need his help to get me everything I need to accomplish that task.  Sometimes I even need help dressing.  At bed time I need to wait for him to help me into bed and tuck me in.  It's not easy when your normally so independent. far as house chores are concerned....he has it all!!!! I feel so bad for him!!!

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  1. we've been through times like this, more than once, and hubby did great. He managed to get me settled and himself fed and everything else just had to wait. After a few days he figured out a schedule and was pretty much running the show by the time I was healed up. Keep smilin' my friend...there is a silver lining somewhere!