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Monday, November 29, 2010

Parenting Teens...

My kids are both teens (19 and 16) and I often wonder.....are we really good parents?  Do we do the right things?  Do we say the right things?  Should we have done this different?

As a parent it is difficult to know whether what you are doing/or have done is "right" or not.  We hope we did yet we often look back and question ourselves as to whether we are good parents or not.  I think we are.  We have a good base....2 boys who have both maintained good grades....the boys basically get along and now that they are in their teens they tend to rely on each other.....even if it is just to say "hey, can you believe what Mom and Dad are telling me"....LOL.  I have witnessed for myself that they both have shown compassion towards aging family members by lending a hand and also to an ill family pet,  they basically will do things for me when I really need their help, yet they have & continue to do things that all typical teens do...but who's kid hasn't?  As parents we tend to all butt heads with our teens now and again but I am looking at this as normal.  Who's kid has not argued the reason for the curfew, why I can't go here or there, why don't you agree with my point of view, religion, politics and life in general.........and so on, and so on?

I have questioned myself like this many times but honestly I think (I hope) we have done the absolute best we could and gave our kids way more than we ever had and better opportunities than either of us have ever experienced.  This alone is something that I hope they truly appreciate.  I think all teens tend to make their parents question themselves at one time or another.  I would like to believe I am not alone.  Am I?


  1. Honestly, my philosophy has always been: "Do what keeps you saine."
    If you feel saine, then you're doing good.

  2. I think everyone wonders if they are good parents. I definately do.