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Saturday, October 23, 2010


Moments with my family (just the 4 of us) are now to treasure.  My oldest son is usually at college and my youngest is usually off with his friends.  So knowing that my birthday was coming (not until Tuesday) and my oldest son was coming home from college on Friday...I planned a dinner for all 4 of us to go out together last night.  My hubby asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I told him....dinner with the boys.  You have no idea how much that dinner satisfied me.  I love having those dinners with my kids.   I love watching the boys banter a bit with each other...and hearing them talk's nice.

It made me realize that stolen moments like these are to treasure and as we age they become less and less because everyone is growing and involved in their own lives.  It makes me realize how excited my Mom (she's 88) must get every time she sees one of us because I now feel the same way.  I do not want to become one of those old people that always never come to see me......I want to be one of those old people that says...come over for dinner or I am taking you out to dinner tonight.  I think as you age and your growing and maturing as a kid....nothing is more appreciated than that occasional dinner that Mom and Dad provide.....I want to be those kinds of parents.  And....if they live far away....look out cause I am coming to visit and maybe I'll take them to dinner!!!


  1. You sound like a great mom. :) Happy birthday! That's how I want to be when my kids are adults, too.

  2. I know exactly what you mean! As Thanksgiving approaches I am anxious to be with my children more than ever. I am hoping we can work out a short trip north. Like you, just one meal will satisfy me.