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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pepe De Pew....

We had a skunk making a nest under our front porch.  We called Animal Control and they set a have-a-heart trap.  First night as soon as we smelled him we checked the trap.  He was smart.  He ate the food and didn't trip the trap.  So we tried putting trickier food in there.  Decided apples & peanut butter would surely make an animal linger.  No....he ate some apple and all the peanut butter and got out.  The next night we decided we were going to try peanut butter with dog food in a small bowl.  Hubby increased the sensitivity on the trap.  Keep in mind....the smell is now reeking throughout my entire basement.....and my front porch is unusable.  The smell was so strong it made us feel physically sick.

Well dog food & pb caught us a nice possum.  Next day they took the possum and relocated him.  We set it again.  Next day my son found someone's house cat in had a collar...he let it go.  We rebated the trap and we caught the skunk!!  Although much to our dismay....he sprayed.  My house now was horrendous in skunk odor!!  The next day we caught another possum.  I never realized there was so much wildlife in our neighborhood!!!

We went down the shore to our trailer in the woods this weekend.  Spending lots of time cleaning up and getting it ready to be closed up for the winter.  For the first time in 7 years there....we smelled a skunk was in the area.  We feel like we are being plagued with skunks.  We kept smelling it just like we smelled it at home.  We sprinkled moth flakes under our deck and we are hoping does not make a home there.

Pepe De Pew has caused quite a stir in my house this week........I'll never look at those critters the same way ever again!


  1. Ack! good luck getting rid of that odor!

  2. Ugh!! Our neighborhood tends to be very skunky, and our dog was sprayed once. Not fun! You have my sympathies on dealing with the smell. Yuck!

  3. I've heard, although I do not know how true it is....that if you put a "douche" on a dog it takes away the smell!