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Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 9, Happy 4th of July FireworkLESS

So here it is the celebration of Independence of the nations proudest days.  Our town, like most others across America, felt the pinch this year when the pulled the plug on our fireworks and parade.  Now, unlike most towns, our town always did it the week after anyway.....and we called it Freedom Day, a day filled with parades, events and fireworks but the damn recession bit our town in the ass and it's not happening this year.  This 4th of July we went to a small picnic at a relatives, enjoyed some good pool time and then headed home.  I was worn out and headed to bed before 11 but I did turn on the t.v. and watched on t.v. as Philadelphia celebrated in style.  It was a mob scene but my heart wished I was there....even maybe from a distance watching....I was glad I watched as Philly is this nations birthplace and they really did it in style!  Yay Philly!

Next week, July 10, would normally be our town's Freedom Day and although the plug is being pulled...we are saying the hell with you and celebrating anyway with our usual big picnic at my in-laws house....there will be no parade and no fireworks but there will be a lot of good people having fun and celebrating go ahead recession do your thing but this family is gonna celebrate our Independence anyway!  Hope everyone had a Happy 4th!

1 comment:

  1. I think lots of people missed out on the fireworks, it stinks.

    There's always next year...