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Friday, July 9, 2010

The Curse

My hubby's birthday was yesterday and for his birthday I got a Y membership for the whole family.  Something he has been wanting for a long time.  Plus, if the whole family uses's a major plus if we all get in shape.  It was great because I got to swim before work and I loved it!!  Great for exercise and stress!

But yesterday my dearest friend (the curse) arrived. know, THAT time of the month.  I was gonna go to the Y today...but she had other plans for me.  I awoke this morning feeling crampy, dizzy, and feeling sick....why I say, why do you do this to me when I am getting my rear in gear to do something good?  Why do we women have to go through this?   I wish there was a button I could push which means "curse, I am done having kids so I am done with you and I am turning you off"....wouldn't that be nice?

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