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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Been on hiatus...

I've been on a bit of a hiatus with the blog.  Needed some inspiration...some time to regroup, refresh and I needed some time to mourn.  Losing your Mom and your brother in one year's time turns out to be more difficult than I ever imagined.

So you say...what has motivated me to come back?  What has made me feel like it is now OK?  When I do tell you...some may have doubts....others may believe.....but what matters most to me is what I feel and know in my heart.

On March 29 me and my sister (and 2 others) had an appointment with a Medium.  A very highly sought after Medium who blew my mind away.  She knew things that no other person could know.  Let me share some of those things with you.  Here are my notes:

Felt Mom energy right away and she has her Mom with her.

Asked if I had 2 kids...boys..if so, they are very different. (yes)

Dad died long ago but he is without illness now. He had something with his lungs, his chest, he was a smoker. (yes, he died of lung cancer)

Virginia or Victor keeps coming from Mom's side.
(I don't know who this is.)

Mom's Mom?....was she 1 of 8?
( I am not sure what size family Grandmom was from.)

Dad died long ago and he was in the military or my brother was. (yes they both were) My older brother was the first boy but not the first born. (yes)

Dad passed at home. (yes)  On his side the name Charles or Catherine keeps coming up. I say is it Campbell..she said possibly and this person is with Dad.
(Not sure who the Charles or Catherine is?)

Your brother (Ray) just came through with your Mom.

So did someone who had an accident...fell off of ladder or hit their head on Mom's side? In their 30's who died?
(I need to investigate this further.)

Someone on Mom's side died tragically with head trauma and very quickly. Mom took it very hard and this spirit is with her again. Who took gun to their head?...suicide? They are at peace now.
(Aunt Stella)

I am getting connection to Flo...Florence?
(The town where we have lived most of our life.)

Mom is saying thank you. I could not have gone through this without you. When she had lower body problem that made her know it was getting to the end. Kidney function? That's when she threw in the towel. (yes)

Is there an April connection birthday coming up? In the latter half of the month?
(Yes,  my sister)

And a June connection?
(June connection could be: Dad's & Maddy's birthday or Aunt Stella died in June.)

Mom is with her Mom.

You were not there when your brother passed but you had close connection. (yes) 

If I have a metal of his or a cross he said put it on a chain.
(I do not have this -- one of his kids does.)

Frank is your Dad. (yes) And there is another Frank or Frances who is alive. (yes my sister)

Ray is with Dad but wants to acknowledge Frances here.

Are you the baby? (yes)

Ray feels like we all need to hear and please tell everyone that there was nothing we could have done to have saved him. He feels it is important that we all know that. (he had brain cancer)

Do you have an Uncle who lost his leg? Possibly had diabetes. A lot older. Paul, Peter. A baby? This guys is connected to that side. He lost his toe or foot from knee down. (This may be my cousin.)

Mom wants to acknowledge that she got the flowers.
(on the grave)

Theres a father figure on your husbands side, not your Dad. It's his Grandpop. Cute short guy. About 5'6” 5'7” and elderly. He came through praising your husband.
(This is my husband's Poppy)

Who is in medical field or school or medical assistant? They are revving them on with a big congratulations. Is this your sister?
(This is my niece)

Did you write something in honor or in memory of your Mom? A eulogy? That was very important to her...she wants you to frame it or laminate it.
(Yes the poem that was read at the viewing.)

Do you wear anything of hers? That makes her very happy.
(Yes, her ring, everyday.)

The sister she is with...they are very close and want you to know that they are having fun together.
Possibly a second born sister-in-law? (yes) They are having fun and full of excitement. The sister-in-law has a December connection.
(Aunt Stella)

An anniversary just passed. She is telling me to bring up the date. Somebody's birthday – I cannot leave the room without acknowledging it.
(1 year since she died on 2/23 and the day of this reading was on my Mom's birthday.)

What is the D connection, David, Denny, Denise,...Danielle? Danielle? She keeps bringing it up.
(Danielle was the name I had chosen for my son if he was a girl. Mom teased me and my husband about this all the time.)

There are signs she is showing of dimes and pennies. Is this 2 year anniversary of her passing? (2nd birthday without her but 1 year since she died.) She loves the pictures we have. She knows you are keeping busy and trying.

You were a shock or a surprise. They did not see that coming. (My mother said this all the time...she was 42 when she had me.) She could not have gone on without your help. She had a good life. Favorite drinks, favorite foods. I could not have done this without you.

Glasses? They are out sitting there?
(She is referring to drinking glasses that I am currently using of hers and yes they were sitting out at the time of this Medium visit.)

You helped her but she just wanted to get out of her body. She was relieved she could stay awhile.

A dog just came through with Mom. The dog died he is golden or light brown female dog.

It's very important that you know Delores.
(Delores is the name of the woman who bought my Mom's condo after she died.)

She is having a ball with the Aunt.

Is anybody German? Grandmother German? (yes on both Mom & Dad's side)

Mom met up with Dad's family from Germany.

It does not matter about her clothes. The sweater or light jacket – put it on and wear it.

Clip on earrings? Or the box? And....her watch?
(My sister just wore her clip on earrings to a wedding and she just took her watch to get a new battery and they just told her it still will not work.)

Was she in a facility when she passed? Not a hospital? She said it doesn't matter where I died as long as I got the care I needed. (She was in a hospice connected to the hospital.)

She's having a good time. She can have what she wants to eat now.

She is showing me a backyard with a cement in-ground pool and a fenced in backyard and there is a buffet. That is where she is now.
(That is my sister's yard.)

She is mentioning a red stone? Birthstone? Purple or red or burgundy....maybe amethyst?

Does August mean anything....that is who she is with?
(Her Mom was born in August and Dad died in August – could be either one.)

Bring up the day.
(Today is Mom's birthday.)

Does October mean anything?
(My birthday month)

Your brother really needs to let you know he is OK. Were you not there? (no, I was not...he lives in Ohio)  She heard a phone ring. (yes, we received a call letting us know he passed.)

Did he have aids or blood cancer? She keeps getting aids sign from someone who has already passed. They are with your brother.
(His daughter's fatherinlaw died of blood cancer 2 weeks before him.)

Your Mom was a lot of this reading but your Dad knows that your Mom needed to connect with you. Dad came to both of you a lot after he passed. She said it was kind of spooky how much.

Ray came in and said I love your children and I'm with Mom and Dad.

The end of the session.

Now, some may say....yeah, she says that to everyone.  I have to tell you.....she does not.  There were 4 of us who had readings that night...she did not have our names and had never seen us before and I have recordings of all 4 readings and I listened to them all.  Each reading is very very different including my own sister's reading.  The other two readings were my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law....she told us things that there could be no way of knowing.  She is so highly sought after that she is booked until 2015 , she does it for free for those who have lost small children and the police use her as well.  

Hearing one hope.  What she has as far as I am concerned is a gift.  I have no doubt...she's the real deal.  God bless her.


  1. wow, that would completely blow me it has you. wow, it's all I can say!

  2. Crazy! Man I would love to go to her and see what she would say!