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Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Facebook Family

In a hectic world where we are all caught up in working, working and more working there is a place that you can go to stay connected with friends of the past and present.  It's someplace you can go to stay connected with the family who lives close and the family that lives far away.  It's a way to say hello to those friends from your old school days.   It also serves as a support group.  When one person is hurting...the whole cyber family is there lending support.  Whether your dealing with a sick family member, a death in the family or your looking for an opinion on a major life decision....the cyber clan is always there to lend an opinion.  Sometimes it is not even that might just be.....that your thinking of coloring your hair or what shoes should I wear.  We all love to join in and lend an opinion.....even at the oddest of times.  We commiserate with each other's misery....if one had a bad day...we can either relate or lend sympathy.  Weddings, funerals, funny stories, bad days, new hair color, new shoes, weight loss, weight gain, exercise, our furry friends and much much more.  Why where would we be without Facebook.  For those who are against it....they should try it...they too would see...there is more good from it than bad and once you make that step you then become part of a very different special family.  

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  1. You are right! It is nice to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. Like anything else, there are always those who will find fault and those who will things inappropiately!