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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I am working on healing...I truly am.  I still think about Mom every day.  I did really good today.  Was proud of myself...went into work was happy and had a good attitude all day.  Oh...don't get me wrong...I still have that empty-punched-in-the-gut sort of feeling but I was working past it.  Was really proud of myself.  Then........

The Doctor called me to tell me how sorry he was for the loss of my Mom.  I could not hold it together...then I cried...and even made the girl sitting next to me cry.  :-(  Couldn't help it he told me a lot of nice things about my Mom for which I felt very proud.  I feel good about the person my Mom was and I told him she was happy and joking all the way to the end....and he said he believed it based on how she was always happy when she came to see him.

This healing process is going to be long and hard......probably the hardest one I have ever experienced in my life.  But, like my Mom, I too am strong and I know I can do this.

<3 Forever my Mother <3

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  1. Give yourself time to work through your grief, it's a long difficult journey but in the end your happy memories will win out and the pain will lessen...hopefully! take care dear one..;j