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Monday, March 21, 2011

Needing a little R-N-R

Why must my body remind me that I am over tired and in need of sleep constantly?  Recently my weekdays and weekends have been filled with things to do.  Since the beginning of the year it has been constant "things to do" and "places to go" and "chores to complete".  Where does this leave me?....tired.  I am tired when I go to bed (well, duh...of course) and tired when I wake up and tired all day long.  It makes my focus feel like it needs more focus.  I think what I really need is time off just to have sleep late for more than 2 days......stay up late watching movies a few nights....and have time to spend on maybe a creative dinner with maybe a glass of wine while cooking instead of the "whine" I have now while cooking.  LOL.  To maybe be able to read a bit and just be a bit lazy.  April 1st the campground opens and I am certainly looking forward to it.....I hope I can rejuvenate this tired old body and renew my spirit in the calm of the Jersey shore.

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