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Saturday, February 26, 2011

For my Mom....

The lady had a heart of gold,
Even as she grew old,
She lived her life with dignity and grace,
Always with a smile on her face,
Her life with Dad made her proud,
When she was at a party...she drew a crowd,
Her laughter filled a room like none other,
She had extreme pride about her life as a Mother,
She spoke of all six children with a heart filled with love,
And her role as a Grandmother fit her like a glove,
Always telling a good story about her experiences in life,
Whether it was her role as a NJ Bell worker, a Mother or Wife,
Her motto was to laugh every day,
She lived her life to the end just that way,
Smiling, laughing and sharing her smarts,
You may be gone from our lives but not from our hearts.


  1. very's are so special and we miss them so much when we lose them...Blessings to your wonderful mom.

  2. sweet and loving thoughts about your mom. nice way to remember her.