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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Snow business....

****We have had a lot of snow lately and they are calling for yet another big storm coming up on Ground Hog's Day.  It is getting very tiring and exhausting.  All this snow got me thinking.............Snow when your 10 is very exciting.  As you watch the flakes falling you think about the potential snow ball fights, building snowmen, and most importantly a snow day from school.  At age 20 the excitement is still there because you see potential to go out with friends and do some skiing, snow boarding or snow mobileing....hanging and having fun with your friends.  At age 30 a big realization comes and you realize you are now solely responsible to remove this snow yourself...zap...the fun is gone.  At age 40 you decide that digging out time and time again is for the birds and now is the time for you to own a snow blower.  At age 50 you look outside and see kids walking down the street with shovels in hands knocking on doors.....and you finally say YES you can shovel me out! *****


  1. I've really tried this year to appreciate the fun we can have in the snow and not get too worked up about it...but we're hearing forecasts of ice storm + another 6-12 inches of snow, and I'll admit...I'm kind of over the snow.

  2. Yeah I used to get really excited over it and even look forward to potential day off work but after this last storm with 15 inches stacked on top of the cars.....I is so NOT worth it....I would rather go to work! And...I am not thrilled either about the potential second storm coming....ugh.