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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Life changing...

This week will mark 2 months since we (my hubby) heard those ugly words from the Doctor.  I say "we" because when you are told you have does not just affect that person but if affects you as a family.  Everything changes.  Your whole life changes.  How you do things, how you look at things and how you even approach the days ahead.  We are told that the prognosis is good and it is very treatable.  We understand how lucky that is but nonetheless, it still takes its toll.  This is not my first "family" experience with my father had brain and lung cancer and my brother had brain cancer.  Their prognosis was not nearly as good as my hubby's is today and for that we feel blessed and we both know and understand how lucky we are.  Through this event...there has been a big ball of stress hanging in our family unit.....a strain so to speak.  I had a mini-meltdown last week returning home from work to discover some things were not done by my kids.  I broke down....I cried (which I have not done in front of my husband) kids had a talk with me...and told me that it is also affecting them as well and that if we need help all we need to do is ask.  My son said "you always taught us if you want something all you really need to do is ask"...."will you please just ask us or tell us what you need us to do to help and we will do it".  Sigh.  A big chunk of stress was just taken from me.  And this past week everyday when I left I left a note asking them to do things to "help" out.  It worked. They stepped up to the plate and did what was needed.  The funny part through this is I learned a lesson that I obviously taught them and that is ....if you need help, just ask.   

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  1. it's that old saying, 'do as I say, not as I do' coming back eh? I'm sorry the stress is getting to be such a burden. I hope that your hubby will be strong and well, that your family will all heal. Thinking of you all...;j