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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Parent's Worst Nightmares....

Two weeks ago on Mother's Day night I attended the viewing of my brother-in-law's was difficult as in my mind the deceased was not that old (64) and my heart broke for his parents who were there.  My heart ached for them thinking that no parent should ever ever have to bury their child no matter the age.

Last week our town sat on their edge of their seats all week as an ongoing search was happening for a missing teen in our town.  Unfortunately the search ended very tragically and although I did not know these people well....I recognized them from around town and as any parent would heart ached.  I saw the man in Wawa the day after his daughter was found (drowned in a pond) and people were coming up to him and giving him condolences.  I felt terrible.  I wanted to say something but could not bring myself to be able to even find the words.

When I think about these past couple of weeks and I try to put myself in the place of both of those parents...I cannot imagine what they must be feeling.  No words must give comfort.....nothing must look, feel or be the same again after.  Your life must be left with a major void that will never again be able to be filled.  My heart aches for them both and my thoughts and prayers are with these parents.

So, while our teens, small children or grown adult kids may drive us crazy from time-to-time and while they may want to debate us until we cry uncle, and while our kids are getting ready for college, branching out and driving, or just beginning their life and having's time we each give them just that one extra hug, kiss and I love you.  For we all need to stop and be thankful for every precious moment that is given to every moment should be thought of as a gift.

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  1. Good advice! It is easy to take our loved ones for granted.