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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day....this is a day to reflect.  Reflect on the joys of happy moments with your own children as well as the happy moments with your own Mom.  I have lots to be thankful for.  I had a great Mom who was a lot of fun and I was lucky to have her until she was almost 89 and that she had all her faculties up until her death.  I have big shoes to follow in!  I also feel very lucky as a Mom myself.  My oldest son is over seas and he is having the experience of a life time.  While I wish I could be there with him, I can be happy as a clam for him to have such a great experience.  I am not one of those Moms who just because my kids are experiencing something I have to experience it too...I can be totally happy and excited for them and I love hearing their stories.  I am also very happy for my youngest son as he is doing real well with his track team and twice now he has come in first place.  The meets have been lots of fun and I get a lot of joy out of watching him.  Today I will miss a few Mom and the fact that my oldest son is not home but I will enjoy my youngest son and I will be happy thinking about many many good times past, present and yet to come with my own kids.  Looking ahead, thinking positive and loving life.


  1. I will be missing my kids today, too. Phone calls will have to do! I will look forward to hearing their voices, though.