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Friday, September 2, 2011

Now I've been kicked in the gut....

As if it weren't bad enough that I lost my Mom this it is looking as though I may lose my brother too.  :-(  I just got notified today that he has now moved to a hospice situation.  It's so heart breaking and he is 8 hours away.  :-(  I am trying to draw so much on the strength that my own Mom had during difficult situations but it is not easy.  We have (all 5 sisters) inquired and let them know if we are wanted we will be there but it must not be the situation.  I know when my own Dad was sick he did not want anyone seeing him that way and I totally get and respect that.

Finding strength during difficult times is not easy.  I pray....I pray...and I pray.  I don't know what else to do.  My Dad used to say "if you can't change the situation then there is no point in worrying about it".  My Mom would just say "it's gonna be alright and it will get better next year".  While both had good points.....I am still worrying.  This sucks.  CANCER sucks big time!!! Not only does it FUCKING SUCKS!!!


  1. cancer is evil. I'm so very sorry it has touched your loved ones again. Love and prayers...

  2. Up until 2 years ago if asked about cancer in my family I would answer that 1 person has had it that I know of. Since that time, my mother died on Nov 29th 2009 from Pancreatic cancer, my Aunt has come down with cancer, my uncle and my Grandmother...

    You're right, it's like a punch in the gut and it sucks major...

    I hope he is able to recoup enough to get out of Hospice.