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Wednesday, August 17, 2011 is coming!!! :-(

I feel it coming and I am dreading it.  For those of you who have know what I am talking about!  School will be back very soon!  I am probably one of the few parents who dreads it.  Back to strict schedules...back to icky routines and back to NO more carefree summer nights.  I, myself, dislike it......I dislike it very much!

My biggest dread of all and probably the reason I dislike it so much is the forms that need filling out for school.  I usually end up writing so much that my hand is cramped up into a little ball by time I am done.  OK, OK...that may be an exaggeration but at least that's what it feels like.  I'm coming up with a plan though......a sneaky plan.  I'm always a little envious that my hubby never does the forms and I am always doing them.  So from now on...when they ask for a phone number...they are getting his.  Muhuahahahahahahahah!  Although when I think about it....we don't really ever get that many calls from the school (which is good thing)....but in the event we do....they are calling him!  OK, OK so my plan is not as great as I think it I write those forms at least makes me feel better and smile and giggle a little as I write his cell number.   Maybe just that thought alone will help me get through the endless paperwork school nightmare this September.

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  1. I can actually picture you giggling as you fill out forms! :)